We Spend Our Time Teaching

Did you know that most SAT prep courses spend almost half of their time administering practice tests rather than helping students master the critical skills that are necessary to do well?

At PEN we do more than focus on just taking the test. We help students do well on the test by presenting an organized approach to the review and mastery of the material on which the test is based. Why is this so important?

PEN's approach provides a foundation for continued success

The SAT is an academically based test that correlates with what students should have learned in high school. With that in mind, a test prep course should not only improve a student's test score, but should also improve overall performance in school. That is what we promise as a result of taking a PEN SAT course.

Many times, there are key concepts that the student may have forgotten since the first time they were presented in the earlier grades. These critical concepts may form the missing link that prevents students from doing well on these standardized tests. Because we are educators first, and business people second, we appreciate that only an organized approach to review and mastery of material, which is backed by academic integrity, can help improve scores.

At PEN, we focus on four elements vital to a test preparation course:

  1. Using real material designed by ETS and published by the College Board. Since the authentic material is available, it does not make sense to use anything else!
  2. Employing amazingly well-trained teachers who have completed a rigorous training and internship program.
  3. Implementing an academically sound test preparation curriculum.
  4. Maximizing class time for teaching, not for proctoring tests. Parents shouldn't pay for a class in which12-16 hours will be spent taking tests. We believe you should pay for your child to be taught.