We know what works - the student is the #1 priority

PEN has a proven track record with students and an attitude that always places the student first. PEN's history of sibling and friend referrals speaks to the success of our company.

  • Class sizes are small, yet PEN recognizes that even within a small group there may be differences in ability. In such cases, additional teachers are brought in to ensure that every student receives the instruction needed.
  • Students are given the teacher's home phone number, e-mail address, and Instant Messenger screen name so that a teacher can be reached for help at any time.
  • PEN teachers always try to arrange time to meet with students who have missed a class to catch them up on the work.
  • Students who know they cannot attend a session can e-mail their homework to their teachers and receive feedback before the next class session.
  • The relationship doesn't end with the last class. In fact, most students stay in touch with their teachers long after the course is completed, often just stopping by to sit in and have a refresher before a test date!