Private Tutoring & Adolescent Coaching

We Focus in On What Your Student Needs

  1. PSAT
  2. SAT
  3. ACT
  4. SSAT
  5. College Applications
  6. College Essay Writing

With PEN private tutoring, there is no pre-set program, no 'lock-in' to a number of sessions. We understand that every student comes to us with a different level of readiness for the test or for the college admission's process. That is why we totally customize our programs to fit the needs of the student. We would also be happy to work with you to put together a small private group.

Adolescent Coaching

PEN is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Your Personal Coach (YPCoach). YPCoach is an adolescent empowerment coaching business designed to work with students to overcome the challenges that develop in school, conflicts with friends and family, and pressure of time-consuming extra-curricular activities. YPCoaching is a unique approach that focuses on the student's agenda and needs. Coach Randy helps teens create an action plan and holds them accountable to their commitments.

This powerful alliance between YPCoach and PEN takes the traditional approach to the college transition process to a new level level. Maximizing the strength of empowerment coaching and connecting it with the valuable revolution in the art of learning, YPCoach and PEN will offer a complete package of services to students that include advanced SAT preparation, state-of-the- art tutoring, a sophisticated understanding of the college application process, and the gift of life coaching. For more information about YPCoach, click here.