Practice PSAT

Why PEN's Approach Makes a Difference

At PEN we appreciate that appearances aren't often a real reflection of reality.PEN uses only real PSAT tests.

Pen offers students the opportunity to take a PSAT that was written by ETS. Currently, we are offering the October, 2004 test that was administered by the College Board.

Why does that matter?

Most large commercial SAT Prep companies use their own "version" of the PSAT. "Look-alike" tests, which have not been developed by ETS, can give students an inaccurate measure of their true ability - either giving a false sense of confidence prior to taking the actual test, or conversely, sending the student into panic mode, which may be totally unwarranted.

The latter scenario often causes parents to register their children for expensive prep courses that spend up to half of the advertised class hours administering additional "look- alike" tests rather than teaching.

Tip # 1 - Don't be fooled by "look-alike tests"
The Danger of non-ETS Tests

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  2. The big name prep companies do not use actual tests. They use "look-alike" tests that are not the REAL thing! Oftentimes, the diagnostic tests they administer are harder than the REAL test. The question and answer choices are sometimes quite vague.

  3. The end result may be a score that is not a true reflection of what performance would be on the REAL test.

  4. Most often, scores are in a low enough range to strike fear and panic into the students and their parents. When the scores arrive along with a "promise" or "guarantee" of a score increase there is a rush to register for a prep course or to sign up for private tutoring.

Tip # 2 - Taking the right practice PSAT makes a difference

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  2. Taking a REAL PSAT (designed by ETS) as a practice test is the only way to get an accurate picture of a student's potential performance on the PSAT.

  3. At PEN, scores are reported ONLY to students and their families. A detailed PEN score report equips students with the best tool to identify and focus on areas of weakness.

  4. Knowing your weakness is the first step towards improving your score.

Tip # 3 - Your PSAT score is important

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  2. Doing well on the PSAT goes beyond the issue of the National Merit Scholarship. Many other scholarships are available to students based on PSAT scores.

  3. A PSAT score combined with an early high school transcript is often the first step for college coaches who are considering potential recruits.

Tip # 4 - Make sure the test you take is written by ETS

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  2. If a program offers a "free" diagnostic test- ask the critical question: is the test one that was written by ETS?

  3. We believe you should know exactly where you stand in relation to the ACTUAL test and that can happen ONLY if authentic material is used. "When the REAL material exists," states company Director, Perry Kalmus, "why would anyone choose to use anything else?"

Tip # 5 - Being informed helps stack the odds in your favor

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  2. Learning more is always a good thing. Being informed helps stack the odds in your favor.This helps determine how to guide a student to reach his or her college goals and helps you make a smart investment in your student's future. After PEN's administration of the PSAT we have a free Coffee and Conversation evening for both parents and students. We take the time to really explain what the scores mean and to give you additional insights into the college admissions process. This insight can give your student a real competitive advantage.