PEN in the Community


The Princeton Education Network (PEN) brings innovative and cutting-edge professional development in Language Arts and Mathematics to our nation's schools. Our focus on teachers, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to affect change in the classroom has garnered us national acclaim.

PEN has built its reputation for excellence in two distinct yet integrated areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Student Programs

PEN Has a Proven Track Record of Delivering Results

PEN, was established to provide educators with the tools and knowledge they need to create positive and permanent change in the achievement levels of their students.

Serving Those In Need

PEN has been working in many of the urban districts in New Jersey including Newark, Hoboken, Burlington, Camden, and the Oranges, as well as Region 10 in Dallas. PEN trainers are renowned for bestowing everything they know upon the teachers with whom they work. Teachers are left with a large supply of materials to use in the classroom and a unique support system for the implementation of new methodologies learned.

In addition, PEN has created a network of classes in the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional Schools for students from grades 8 - 12. PEN has been running student SAT programs since 1996, leading that district to be ranked among the top ten scoring districts in the state.

To read about PEN's SAT program CLICK HERE.

PEN's private tutoring arm spans across the state to schools like:

  • The Lawrenceville School
  • Princeton Day School
  • Peddie
  • Hun
  • Princeton High School
  • Millburn High School
  • Livingston High School
  • Stuart Country Day School

Impressing Those Who Are Not Easily Impressed

Here is a typical reaction to what PEN actually delivers -

"When PEN showed us several of their 6-inch binders packed to the brim with evaluations by the hundreds of teachers with whom they have worked, we realized that this is a company that teachers really enjoy. It is clear that PEN 's methodologies are powerful and innovative. Further, teachers come away from a PEN program revitalized and with a renewed excitement for teaching."

"We chose PEN because they have found a way to combine a strict academic approach to professional development with fun and innovative ways to teach that approach. We also chose PEN because of its unique FOLLOW-UP philosophy. Unlike any company we have discovered in our research,PEN includes follow-up in all of their professional development programs. This ensures comprehension and familiarity with new concepts."