PEN Professional Development programs

We have developed a wide range of Professional Development programs that can be conducted as half-day, full-day, multi-day workshops or multi-year programs.

All programs are custom-designed to address your school or district's specific needs and concerns, and ALL programs include our acclaimed PEN FOLLOW-UP. Our professional development programs focus on the following:

  • Language Arts - Critical Reading and Vocabulary
  • Grammar and Essay Writing
  • Mathematics
  • College Admissions and State Standardized Tests
  • Teacher motivation and communication
  • Team building and cooperative learning

We invite you to review the range of services we provide for teachers and students and to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can make a difference in your school's success.

Creating PEN SAT Specialists in Your School

The first of its kind in professional development, the PEN SAT Specialist program helps level the playing field for students who do not have the financial means to access high quality test preparation courses or private tutoring.We do this by:

  • Training your teachers to become SAT Specialists using our unique academic approach to the test
  • Customizing a comprehensive in-school PEN SAT course that is taught by your own teachers who have been trained as PEN SAT Specialists

The unique feature of this program is that your teachers will work alongside PEN specialists as they instruct your students during the training program. This will enable teachers to transform theory into practice in a direct hands-on fashion.

Available as a complete program or subject specific.

Critical Link (GRADES 9 - 11)

The high school teacher is the link connecting the foundation of skills taught in the middle school to the more complex principles taught in high school and ultimately to the concepts found on state and college admissions exams. During this program we will show high school teachers how to:

  • Reinforce and reference the foundation skills by tying them into the daily classroom lessons
  • Enhance their presentation of material with creative and fun instructional activities
  • Incorporate the various question styles found on standardized tests into their assessment methods to familiarize students with the question format

Available as a complete program or subject specific.

Critical Link Early Action (GRADES 5 - 8)

This highly acclaimed program helps middle school teachers understand the critical role they play in preparing their students for long-term success by:

  • Giving teachers first-hand experience with the standardized tests encountered in high school so that they can see the direct link to what is taught in the classroom
  • Identifying the key components in the teacher's current curriculum that play a significant role in student success on standardized tests
  • Modeling how to integrate hands-on activities that will motivate and engage students while they are learning the skills and concepts necessary to improve their academic performance

Available as a complete program or subject specific

PEN Plays Games (GRADES 5 - 12)

Transform your worksheet into a fun, exciting game! This unique hands-on workshop includes alternative strategies to reinforce and enhance traditional learning. Participants will create and format games using a variety of materials that will delight, motivate and inspire students who will have so much fun that they won't even realize they are doing "work"! Teachers from all subject areas and grade levels will benefit from this experience.