PEN teambuilding

Introducing PENíS Partnership with ADVANCED TEAM BUILDERS

Whether in a school, camp or youth group environment ATB offers youth and staff engaging and motivational opportunities. These fun and focused events are metaphors for every day challenges that children, teenagers, and adults face.

ATB programs are perfect for students going from one grade or school to another.

ATB workshops will help to break down the barriers between students and begin to forge new friendships among them. Our experienced and skilled facilitators lead powerful innovative simulations and programs. Our trainers encourage children and youth to confront the difficult realities in our society and offer them a safe environment to share their thoughts and feelings and to work out solutions.

Teachers and summer camp staff also benefit from ATB programs.

ATB offers a unique and organized approach to training for adults. Participants will learn the hidden secrets behind being positive role models for children and youth. As the programs progress, faces literally light up as the dynamic issues from the training process are grasped. ATB programs encourage socialization and communication, providing opportunities for goal setting, leadership development and problem solving skills.