New ideas and great materials, which can be used in the classroom everyday, are the trademark of a PEN professional development program.

PEN teambuilding

What Makes Us Unique?

At PEN, we have found that people learn best about social issues by being active and having fun.

  • Enjoying a specialized activity in a group setting can teach valuable lessons that have a lasting impact on an individual and the group.
  • Our teambuilding programs enhance individual performance with respect to teams, groups, and organizations.
  • We have designed hundreds of games and activities that address social issues across the board and we can work with your school to customize a program that fits your needs.
  • Whether the issues you would like to be addressed stem from the faculty, the student-body, or both, we will bring you a team building program that is perfect for you.
  • Our innovative training approach helps to break down barriers of resistance and offers support and learning opportunities for our clients.

What You Will Getů

We believe there is a powerful force in active play and experiential learning.

  • Instead of the lecture format typical of much of the teambuilding industry, teachers and students participating in the PEN TEAMBUILDING program will play an active role in unfolding the wealth of internal resources lying dormant within each person.
  • Motivational speakers can be great but nothing can replace turning words into action!