Practice PSAT at your school

Why Select PEN’s Approach to a Practice PSAT?

  • We offer the REAL test. Taking the REAL test is great for your students because it gives them the most accurate evaluation of where they may be weak and how to best prepare for the test. Currently, we are offering the October, 2004 test that was administered by the College Board.
  • Scores are reported ONLY to the students and their families. Each student will receive a comprehensive report detailing their performance.
  • Be aware that most companies use their own “look-alike” tests that are NOT the real thing, plain and simple. “Look-alike” tests that have not been developed by ETS can give students an inaccurate measure of their true ability – either giving a false sense of confidence prior to taking the actual test, or conversely, sending the student into panic mode, which may be totally unwarranted.

The latter scenario often causes parents to register their student for extremely expensive prep courses that spend almost half of the class time administering additional “look-alike” tests rather than teaching.


We will administer a practice PSAT at your school. The fee is $40 per student. PEN will donate $5.00 for each registrant to a help provide your school with additional funds to support an initiative of your choice.

We Give Parents and Students the Insights That Matter

In addition, once the score results have been sent to the students, we will hold a free information session for students and their parents to answer any questions regarding the PSAT, SAT and ACT exams.

Why Should You Offer a Real Practice Test in Your School?

We believe that students should know exactly where they stand in relation to the ACTUAL test and that can happen ONLY if the authentic material is used. "When the REAL material exists," states company Director, Perry Kalmus, "there is no reason to use anything else.”

Your students are inundated with mail from companies offering "free" practice PSAT's. What your students and their families don't know, however, is that the tests being offered may NOT be a real test. Free sounds good! Most of the time, however, these tests are just be “look-alike” versions with questions that are often vague and difficult. Most students perform poorly on the tests, receive a score that is NOT an accurate picture of where they stand, and their parents panic and sign them up for that company's course (conveniently, a registration form accompanies the test results).

A real PSAT is the only way to get an accurate picture of a student's potential performance before taking the PSAT in October of their junior year.


Become familiar with the testing atmosphere
Develop goals for PSAT and SAT scores
Know the areas in need of extra study

Doing well on the PSAT goes beyond the issue of the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying exam. Here are some other reasons:

There are many scholarships available to students that are based on PSAT scores. The National Merit Scholarship is just one of many awards that students can receive. In fact, many employers will offer aid based on PSAT scores. Taking a real practice test early on gives students time to work on their test skills and review the material they may have forgotten (or never learned).

Many student athletes are requested to file recruit forms in the junior year many months before taking an SAT or ACT. The PSAT score along with the students transcript is very useful to coaches who are looking for a match to their programs not only based on sports talent but also on academic credentials as well.