It has been a pleasure as well as a terrific learning experience. Our instructor was well informed, interactive, comfortable, excellent with techniques that can be utilized in the classroom. I have definitely gained a wealth of knowledge and a clearer understanding of the experience students encounter when taking the SAT. I have already started to promote this program to others.

I found this workshop very beneficial. The facilitators were great and answered all questions. I got many great ideas and am looking forward to getting back to class and implementing them. Great job!

The workshops have been very educational and rewarding. You all did a wonderful job of explaining the activities. All of the activities were different and can be used to motivate children to learn. I was very motivated by all the different games we played during the workshop. I will not only try these activities with my students but I will also share my experiences with the teachers in both of my schools.

The reading/language strategies that were presented were great for our classes. Thanks for motivating us to do better for OUR CHILDREN!

I again enjoyed our sessions with PIQE - my third workshop! I gained a great deal of knowledge to bring back to my classroom. Everything I was taught so far I have implemented. The strategies that were taught are adaptable to any topic and grade level. I just would have like it if the district would give us the supplies needed to implement the games and strategies.

Thanks so much for an energizing two days of materials and suggestions which I will utilize in my classroom. The SAT is such a large part of the lives of our students and like it or not - find it fair or unfair- it must be dealt with in a fashion that allows the kids to calm the terrific anxiety that they experience.

This workshop was very educational in that the information given will be tried in my classroom. It has given me many different strategies to go back and try - things I know my students will love. I only hope that this isn't our last workshop with you.


I enjoyed this workshop. The presentations were clear and practical and the presenter's enthusiasm was obvious. I see the suggested activities as having many applications and believe students would enjoy as well as profit from them.

The de-emphasis of tricks and gimmicks was an important component. I bear a personal resentment of all the hype (from media, parents, and sometimes professionals) that surround the SAT and see the possibilities for reducing student stress without devaluing the test itself.

It's not an impossible test! I'd like to train all of my teachers in SAT. This was absolutely outstanding!!! Get them back!!

I believe this SAT course has helped me to better prepare my students for taking various tests, not just the SAT. I would suggest that all teachers take a course like this one so they too can be better prepared to teach students skills. The material presented during the course was very essential. Good job!

I was very impressed with the format of this workshop. I look forward to becoming an SAT Specialist and utilizing all of the strategies employed this weekend. More, more, more!

Teachers & Educators Comments


When you schedule a meeting with PEN you will see our six-inch binder of evaluations from teachers, principals, and administrators. The following is just a small sampling of what they have said. The comments are from workshops in Newark, Burlington Township, Nutley, Princeton, Long Branch, Hoboken, Shore Regional, (NJ school districts) and Region 10, Dallas, Texas.


I cannot begin to list all of the information I gained. I came without any knowledge about how to attack this area - I'm leaving with a multitude of ideas. As I am in charge of planning and implementing an Academic Scholars curriculum for PSAT and SAT, I would like to have Barbara continue instruction with us on verbal strategies. I have been to many Region X workshops. This is the first one which has truly been beneficial. This one made up for all the others. Please bring these ladies back!!

I learned more about SAT than I thought possible. Thanks for such concise and encouraging information. I will implement what I learned in our SAT prep course but more importantly every day in my classroom. Region 10 should require this for all districts doing staff development. This was the best seminar I've ever attended. Practical, realistic, helpful, informative, well planned and humorously presented, superb use of time.

Excellent workshop! Great ideas for use in the classroom. Too many in-services are a waste of time. Not this one!


Your suggestions for activities were refreshing and easily adaptable to the classroom situation. It was enjoyable to have people to work with who were positive in attitude concerning the SAT's and had workable suggestions on how to make students enthusiastic and hopefully more skilled at test taking. Thank you for an enjoyable 2 days.

This workshop was well organized. I found a fine balance between explanations and activities. I felt that very specific student problems regarding testing were addressed. I enjoyed your personalities which are sincere and concerned about the SAT's and education. I really felt I learned a lot about reading strategies and construction of SAT questions. I do appreciate the variety of approaches you yourselves used in covering the materials.

Lots of great ideas. Especially liked comments such as, "for the special needs child you could..." So many workshop presenters don't address the issues teachers face with the onset of the inclusion classroom and teachers really need that type of guidance.

Thank you for taking the time to give us so much information. I now have a different perspective on the SAT. I also feel I can help some children now appreciate and embrace learning in a different way. I look forward to more workshops.


At first I thought, what did I get myself into? Homework every night! But as I continued, I'm glad that I came. It has been an eye-opener as well as fun. I like the fact that I can keep up and am knowledgeable about what is being said. What makes it not dull are the presentations. Barbara has a way of just coming in with the funniest trivial things as well as a wealth of lifetime experiences both in and out of the classroom that just make the time go by!

The program has been very informative and enlightening. This is so necessary for our Newark students because our kids need to get the training and knowledge that all other kids are getting. I'm happy to have been a part of the training so that I can incorporate what I have learned into my classroom. The presenter was knowledgeable of her subject and made it fun.

The skills that I learned the past 2 weeks are very valuable. Since the SAT is considered to be one of the most important tests that a person will ever take, districts should make sure that their schools provide the correct material and information for their students.The presenter was very, very, very knowledgeable and fun. The training should have been extended to 3 weeks to allow trainers to go over more activities.

I found it very informative! Thanks so very much. There were so many activities that I thoroughly enjoyed. I especially loved the hands-on approach making the workshops both enjoyable and fun. And fun is the best way to learn!