Applications & Essays

What Parents Need to Know:
It's Never too early to Get Started

The earlier your student starts working with us, the greater his or her competitive advantage will be.

By starting early you can ensure that:

  • All materials are systematically organized
  • Realistic expectations are set
  • Time and energy are focused
  • Junior year and senior fall semester are stress free

Applying for Admission

We understand what colleges are looking for and how each college weighs various attributes, scores, and talents. We will help your student to:

  • Work on the Common Application
  • Draft long and short answer application essays
  • Write the application resume
  • Obtain letters of recommendation
  • Practice for the interview process
  • Create a portfolio
  • Begin the search for scholarships
  • Plan for college visits
  • Send professional-looking applications, letters, and follow-up thank you notes